Conditions of Hire (October 2018)


The Hall and its grounds may be used for social, recreational, religious and educational purposes subject to these Conditions of Hire.  There are no other restrictions on its use other than the time limits in Condition 8 and the need to maintain a spirit of courtesy to those living nearby.  The Hall and its grounds do not include the adjoining playing field, which is managed separately by the Westbury on Severn Parish Council. The Hall is not available to hire on 25th December.


1.         The Hirer must be present at the Hall throughout the hiring period.

2.         Parking is limited.  The Hirer shall be responsible for ensuring that the car park is fully utilised before any cars are parked in the lane; and that parked cars do not obstruct access to adjacent properties or cause obstruction that might prevent emergency vehicles reaching their destination.  Note.  The Westbury on Severn Parish Council manage the adjoining playing field and, on their behalf, these Conditions of Hire prohibit parking on it.

3.         The Hirer shall pay the cost of repairing damage to any part of the premises or their contents during or as a result of the hiring.

4.         The Hirer shall ensure that the premises are left in a clean condition and that all rubbish, both inside and outside the Hall is put in the refuse bins.  The Hirer shall take away any rubbish that exceeds the capacity of the refuse bins.  Glass bottles and cans shall be removed from the premises.  A charge may be made if this Condition is not complied with. Please use the attached tick sheet to help you check that you have fulfilled these Conditions.

5.         The Hirer shall be responsible for controlling the level of noise in the Hall, including but not limited to music.  The level of noise must not cause a nuisance to nearby residents.  There is a music system in the Hall for your use.

6.         Smoking and the sale of alcohol are not permitted in the hall.

7.         The Hirer shall ensure that no fireworks are used inside or outside the Hall.

8.         The Hirer shall ensure that functions held in the Hall start no earlier than 8.00am and finish no later than 11.00pm.  A further period of half an hour is allowed for clearing-up.  The Hirer must request that people leaving the Hall do so quietly with consideration for local residents.

9.         The Hirer shall not sub-let the premises or hire it for any unlawful purpose.  The Hirer shall ensure that no dangerous or illegal substances are brought on to the premises.

10.       The Hall Management Committee and Trustees shall not be held liable for any injuries or damage arising from the misuse of the Hall or any of the facilities provided.  The Committee’s Risk Assessment is displayed on the notice board inside the Hall.

11.       Any member of the Hall Management Committee may enter the premises at any time and require the Hirer to comply with these Condition of Hire.

12.         Animals are not permitted inside the Hall except for Assistance Dogs.

13        The Hall Management Committee has a Privacy Policy for those whose personal data it holds.  Personal data is usually restricted to contact names and addresses.  A full copy of the Privacy Policy is posted on the Village website but, in summary, the Committee will hold all personal data securely; and it will never use the data for purposes other than Social Hall matters.



I understand and agree to comply with these conditions:

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