Using the Social Hall during Covid-19 restrictions - a Risk Assessment

The following table sets out a risk-based approach to the use of the Social Hall during Covid-19 restrictions.  It identifies a range of risks and the Social Hall Committee’s reactions to them.

Possible risks of using the Social Hall

The Committee’s reaction

Can attendance at indoor activities be limited to the capacity of the Hall set by the Committee, bearing in mind the range of uses?

Committee has set 25 as the maximum number of users at any one time, and will enforce the figure

Will the arrangement of furniture and equipment allow social distancing, while standing and sitting?

The Committee will set out and display the details of social distancing in relation to the layout of the Hall

What arrangements will be made if more than 25 people arrive for an activity?

It is a special condition of hire that the organiser will be responsible for restricting numbers to the maximum of 25,and turning away any further participants

What are the arrangements for informing the test, track and trace service in the event of a user displaying Covid-19 symptoms?

It is a special condition of hire that the organiser will keep a record of all participants for each use of the Hall; and to keep the information for 28 days

If the typical age of participants is likely to be over 70, can social distancing be maintained throughout the Hall?

Social distance lines and markers will be placed at all pinch-points inside and outside the Hall.  A Covid-19 contingency Plan is in place

Will users be willing to clean all surfaces before and after their event?

It is a special condition of hire that they do so, and we are confident that our users will take their responsibilities seriously

Will more than one organisation be using the Hall at the same time?


Will the Committee direct users to take their activity outside where possible?

This risk assessment has been undertaken in September: none of the regular uses can take place outside in autumn and winter months

Can events with much free movement, like funeral teas, birthday parties and coffee mornings, be accommodated?

The Committee has restricted use to regular users only: this range of clubs and societies is unlikely to cause such difficulties

What arrangements are being made for catering?

Catering will not be allowed: the kitchens and kitchen equipment will be withdrawn from use


Social Hall Committee

September 2020