1855 - 1964

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The 1950s and 60s

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Station staff, approximately 1952.
Two of the regular signalmen at Grange Court.
A train derailment on the Gloucester side of Grange Court Station which happened when the engine overran the sidings during engineering work. 
From 1956 Grange Court signalbox was 60 levers: previously it was (probably) 30 levers. The duty signalman here is “Clarrie” Claridge.
Taken in the 1950’s, this photograph shows some of the station staff outside the main building.
Ex GWR 0-6-0 No 2225 stops at Grange Court en route from Hereford to Gloucester in the late 1950’s.
The station and footbridge, looking west from the up branch platform, probably in the early 1960’s.
A view of the station platforms and road bridge, believed to date from the early 1960’s.
5184 arrives in the early 1960’s at the down branch platform (ie heading towards Hereford).
Arrival at the junction of a passenger train from Longhope, early 1960's
A rare colour photograph of an arrival at Grange Court heading for Hereford, shortly before the station’s closure. 
2-6-0 No 6330 arrives on June 2nd 1962 from Gloucester, heading for Hereford.
Heavy goods train arrives from Chepstow

Arrivals at Grange Court in the early 1960’s. The signalbox dated from 1935 and replaced the earlier West and East boxes. It lasted until 1969 when the area came under the new Gloucester panel box.

View of the island platform from the footbridge, 1961.
This diagram shows the positions of signals at Grange Court approaching from a southwesterly direction.
This diagram shows positions of signals from Grange Court north towards Oakle Street.
The main station buildings at Grange Court, from the footbridge, 
A view of the main buildings from the opposite platform, 1961.
Nameboard and platforms, 1961

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